Style On Call - Your Personal Stylist

Style on Call is a niche fashion and beauty consultancy. Two leading fashion and beauty editors, Jane de Teliga and Elizabeth Barnett Lawton have teamed up to provide a unique offering of creative services, including fashion and beauty writing, fashion and beauty trend presentations, retail reports, copywriting, blogging and other social media copy.

We love to create fashion and beauty imagery for magazine editorial and advertising media. We can provide creative direction, production, and what we're best known for, styling beautiful photo shoots. Take a look at our individual portfolios!

With our combined experience of styling celebrities, working with top models and women from all walks of life, as well as writing about fashion and beauty, we can offer a unique perspective and expertise. We also offer styling and image consultancy for private individuals by special arrangement.

"For an insider take on fashion and beauty read our blog, Style on Call, which we have nicknamed StyleOCD, so obsessed are we with all things fashion and beauty related. We've a combined age of over one hundred years, so what we don't know about looking fabulous at any age isn't worth knowing!"